Business Intelligence Continued

Project managing business intelligence efforts face an ever-increasing set of complexities. Goals such as reaching a single version of the truth, eliminating data redundacy, and providing the right information when it's needed have proven to be challenging problems within many organizations. A central goal for organizations seeking to shift paradigms where information is a driving force must be willing to travel a necessary journey.  AVYCI will show how mitigating these problems can be achieved.

How does AVYCI do it?  Simply put, we seek to answer a few fundamental questions:

1) Are current solutions working?

While many business intelligence project management and implementation vendors offer their one-size-fits-all approach, AVYCI seeks to understand the uniqueness of organizations. We offer our distinct roadmap approach which assures maximizing business intelligence investments.

2) How will your project be managed?

Although AVYCI leverages sound PMI principles to manage business intelligence projects. We understand that projects fail largely as a result of being managed like traditional custom application development efforts. History has demonstrated that highly performing projects undertake an agile approach.  For this reason, the execution of agile and iterative approaches to business intelligence efforts produces higher success results.

3) Can you trust what you see?

Once solutions are in place, it's important that customers have confidence that information intelligence is hitting the mark. Let’s face it, knowing that you know is a vital.